Hire java tech lead from India for better and more competitive results

The mobility of resources from one country to another in search of better career perspective has been a matter of discussion. Among this one of the most mobile are the IT professionals. Due to the opening of the economy, resources are free to move from one country to another. There was a time when people would rather stick on to their nation as there was no alternative. In many countries, there is a lack of job opportunities, and many educated and technically sound resources end up taking odd jobs. However now things have changed.

Many people who are ambitious like to apply for their visa and tend to move west for a better lifestyle, as working at client’s side provides them with the first-hand experience along with salary in foreign currency. However not everybody is adventurous enough to venture abroad and prefer to remain in the home country. Now the question is would they be able to get a respectable job and a decent salary. Yes, there are many foreign clients who are constantly looking to hire java tech leads. Following are few of the reason for big multinational companies to hire java tech leads from countries like India.

  • The dearth of technically sound manpower in their home country. Since there is a shortage of trained and educated people who are capable of doing the job, therefore they don’t have any other alternative than to look to hire java tech leads from abroad

  • Secondly, even if they are able to find somebody who is capable of performing the job, they work out to be more expensive, as people abroad prefer to take up less challenging jobs.

  • It’s difficult to manage and synchronize with different people and coordinate between different departments, therefore, they prefer to outsource the entire project to cheaper nations like India where the concept of comparative advantage holds true.

This might sound too easy and straight forward however if you happen to understand the process, there are lots of complexities involved. Normally, MNCs prefer to outsource the entire project to companies in India rather than hiring contractors. Hiring contractors may work out to be more expensive than outsourcing the entire project at a fixed price. So they strike a deal and ask an IT company to full fill their requirements now it is up to the IT companies in India to source various resources such as java tech lead, developers, testers, and business analyst etc. to complete the project. Each resource according to his skills and capability as a different billing which of course is a middle figure that is the MNC gets a capable resource for less the price at which he gets in his home country and the resource which is hired by the India it company that what he would have got if he looked by his own.

Therefore hiring Java tech lead and other IT related positions work out to be beneficial for both the company who is outsourcing the project and the company to which the project is being outsourced