Freshers must remember these basic Java Web Development concepts

Java gives excellent support for web development and mostly used at server side. Every time new web application is designed, it is loaded on to the serve for users’ access. Java web development is highly safe and robust so it used everywhere. Before we go into deep let us discuss about basic concept for Java web development and how it can help any developer.

  • Java web container

Java web apps don’t run over server directly but they are running inside a web container that is uploaded on the server. This container works as JVM on server. Most commonly Java has two types of containers – web container and EE container. Popular web container is Tomcat till now that supports execution of Java server pages.

  • Java EE container

At the same time, Java EE container is responsible to add extra functionality to handle maximum load on the server. Most of web applications in Java are designed using different frameworks like Spring, Struts etc. With the help of these frameworks, Java development can be made easy and more reliable for your project.

  • Servlet

Most of Java web applications are based on Servlet. Servlet is a Java class that responds to HTTP request inside a web container. Servlet is also taken one of the most important part of Enterprise version and it is modified frequently with each release of Java. TO know more about Servlet, you should check its details and specifications online. Working with Servlet is never being easy and it demands for lot of dedication and research.

  • JSP (Java server pages)

Next important concept to consider for Java web development is JSP. IT is also compiled into Servlet every time some JSP is processed. With of the help of JSP, you can design most responsive websites and web apps in real time environment.

  • JSP Standard Tag Library

Once you understand all these concepts well, this is time to work with JSP tag library. Here all tags are defined in advance with clear explanation and specifications. Now you are ready to work with Java application, once you will go through all these basic concepts.